International Primitive Body Exploration Working Group 2011 Workshop

August 22-24th, California Institute of Technology

The goal of this workshop is to bring together key members of the primitive body community for a facilitated discussion toward international collaboration. The discussions held at this meeting are expected to open new international collaboration opportunities for primitive body space exploration.

The workshop will take place over the course of three days, and includes several topical panel sessions with scheduled time for discussion. These sessions are outlined below and are structured to provide diverse perspectives from the international community in areas that are of great interest to the community. A final session will summarize the results into a series of recommendations and action items.

Abstracts will be accepted for general poster and directed oral presentations. Many speakers will be specifically invited to address the participants based upon their experience and relevant expertise. If an area or topic is not covered in the oral sessions, we encourage participants to submit a poster abstract to initiate a dialogue.




The agenda includes discussions of a number of potentially fruitful areas for future collaboration, such as missions/payloads, data sharing policies, ITAR, agency plans, Decadal survey and implications, human-based exploration, planetary protection and others. Due to the delay in the Asteroids, Comets and Meteorites workshop, a science session was held and science posters were strongly encouraged.

The agenda can be downloaded here.


Contact Information

Any questions may be directed to local organizing committee chair, or

Members of the Organizing Committee
  • Paul Abell
  • Julie Castillo-Rogez
  • Andy Cheng
  • Jim Cutts
  • Keith Grogan
  • Andy Klesh
  • Detlef Koschny
  • Carol Raymond
  • Mark Sykes
  • Gregg Vane
  • Hajime Yano
  • Don Yeomans